Emergency Services

Department Information

Jason Brown 
Interim Emergency Services Director
608 South Mine St
McCormick, SC 29835
Office Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Office Phone: (864) 852-2811 or (864) 852-2505
Fax: (864)852-3435
emsMcCormick Emergency Services is a Department of McCormick County Government.  Established in 2002, by Ordinance 02-09, the department is responsible for providing; Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Management, Addressing and Enhanced 911 services to the county and all municipalities .


Mission - The mission of McCormick County Emergency Services is the protection of life and property from the devastation of fire, medical and traumatic emergencies, and exposure to man-made and/or natural disasters.

All members, resources and activities are dedicated to providing excellence in fire suppression, technical rescue, emergency medical care, hazard abatement, committed training and effective public education.

Vision - McCormick County Emergency Services will be highly effective, community focused organization with skilled, enthusiastic and empowered workforce.  We will foster a spirit of professionalism, volunteerism and pride within our employees and will earn the support of our community by providing the highest level of emergency services to McCormick County.