In 2002, McCormick County Council adopted Ordinance 02-09. With this ordinance the department begins to cross train our EMS employees in firefighting. This process was implemented to assist the volunteers with manpower during the weekdays when volunteer manpower was low.

This process also welcomed the addition of McCormick County Engine 122 to the department’s fleet. This Engine was purchased through the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program. During the early days of our support in the fire service, this engine was staffed by the on duty EMS crews.

As time progressed, current volunteer firefighters began to age and younger volunteers were scarce. In 2014, McCormick County approved the addition of part-time personnel to staff the engine during the weekdays.

Today, Engine 122 is located at Emergency Services Station 1 and staffed to respond to fire calls throughout the county to assist our dedicated volunteer fire departments.